About Us

We are a New Zealand based non-profit Minecraft gaming community. We formed in late 2012 and since then have strived to offer a friendly and safe Minecraft server to play on. We opened to the public in April of 2013 and have welcomed new members since then. To extend the community out of just the game, we host our forums to allow our members to plan, discuss and create new ideas as well as hosting a Dolby Axon room. In this room players can discuss and talk to each other in real time as well as get to know each other a bit more.

We started with our first world Valas, a hybrid world which was quickly outgrown by our needs as our community expanded. We are currently running our second world - Venethia, which is also a hybrid world that provides strong grief protection, an economy, regular server events and new and exciting features for the community.

Our Vision

We are and always will be, community driven.
Aiming to create the perfect environment for friends and family to interact and play on a minecraft server. Non-profit based, we wish to be available to all and welcome all looking for a nice place to call home. Ultimately we want to grow into a fantastic community and continue to provide the best for you.

Hosted By

fruitbytes A New Zealand based server hosting company, specialises in gaming communities. Has been a fantastic host since the formation of our official server.

Our Admins

Is the community development admin.
Is the forum and community admin.
Is the communication admin - who ensures the players and staff communicate effectively.
Is the technical admin - making sure the techy stuff runs smoothly.
Is the jack of all trades - helping with both community and technical sides of things.


Feel free to contact us if you need any help or specific questions you need answering. Also remember the forums are a good first port of call for any queries.

If every other form of contact fails you, and you find yourself stuck with a dire question don't hesitate to email us.


Ellder Forums

A great way to get into contact with everyone is registering on the forums.

Dolby Axon

Dolby Axon

You may get in contact with the Admins on Dolby Axon simply by adding their user name onto your friend list.

This is also how you get added to the Ellder MC chat room so you can talk to our regular players.

Click below for official download
Dolby Axon


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The base theme used on this website was created by Webdesignmagic and purchased from themeforest.

Dexter Britain

The background music is "The Time To Run (Finale)" created by Dexter Britain, obtained from freemusicarchive.org.


Most images on this website are obtained via minecraft, which is owned by Mojang.


Images in the gallery are submitted by community members on the Ellder Mc server. These belong respectively to the player who submitted them.